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Martha Llanes,

Chief Branding Officer

Martha Llanes is the embodiment of the American dream, seamlessly blending faith-based values, unparalleled leadership, and a commitment to education. Her disciplined origins in the U.S. Army laid the foundation for her extraordinary journey. Ascending the ranks with remarkable speed, Martha showcased not only her unwavering discipline but also a heart driven by faith. This deep-seated Christian faith guided her both in serving her nation and reaching out to the global community.

Her military accomplishments, notably her oversight of a massive coalition of 60,000+ troops, are a testament to her formidable leadership. Yet, even amid such responsibilities, her compassion shone brightly, with initiatives like “Operation Cat in the Hat” in Afghanistan underscoring her dedication to education and community upliftment.

Transitioning to civilian life, Martha’s educational foundation and entrepreneurial spirit came to the fore. Co-founding the Spartan Carrier Group, she leveraged her military expertise, leading the conglomerate’s growth to an impressive portfolio of 14 companies. Throughout this expansion, the core values of Spartan — echoing Martha’s personal principles of service, faith, and community — remained central.

Martha’s legacy, from her military service to her leadership at Spartan, resonates powerfully with the essence of the American dream. She stands as an inspiration, a testament to the heights one can reach through faith, resilience, and a commitment to serve.